Summer sky is back. 

The colors are impressive. 


Asking for help

is an important life skill.

Are you good at asking for help? 

For me, it's hard sometimes. 

It's hard to show vulnerabilty. 

I don't wanna be seen as weak. 

And, it's a little, or a lot, embarresing. 

I always want to maintain my positive and capable self.

Not realistic. 


Asking for help

takes courage. 

But, it's a necessary life skill.

The skill we all need. 

And, we need each other. 

Give and serve to your people and community in however way you can. 

Ask and receive when you need (I tell this to myself, too). 

Give and serve to your people and community whenever you can. 

And, ask and receive when you need. 

Healthy interdependence. 


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